Filter out duplicate data rows in Apple Numbers

Often using less feature bloated products is a real win, but sometimes it's a real pain.

While users of Microsoft Office can use a handy tick box to exclude duplicate rows, users of Apple's Numbers are less fortunate. But there is a relatively simple custom function you can write that will accomplish this and give you greater flexibility.

(An example spreadsheet is attached below.)

This is a two-step process

First: Create a new column of cells that you'll aggregate the text from the columns you want to compare (this is handy as we can just compare the columns we want).

Sample: = A25 & B25 & C25 & D25

Second: Create another column that will contain the text for flagging, in my sample I used the word "duplicate" and added some syntax highlighting to make it pop.

Sample: = IF (( MATCH ( H25,$H$2:$H$520 ) + 1 ) <> ROW ( H25 ) ,"duplicate","")

That is, if the text appears more than once in the aggregated value column more than twice, set the text of the of this field to "duplicate."

Bonus: If you want to purge the duplicate values, sort the column with your matched text and delete the rows.

An example spreadsheet is attached below.

Apple Number sample spreadsheet
Microsoft Excel (UNTESTED) conversion