TheDigitel hyperlocal news network goes dark in protest of SOPA

On Wednesday, January 18, TheDigitel network of hyperlocal community news websites in South Carolina went dark in protest of proposed government and corporate censorship.

The Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Beaufort sites took part in American Censorship Day against the flawed pieces of legislation that are the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA).

These two items have the power to drastically change the Internet that we hold dear, and are currently under consideration with strong support in both the House and Senate

"Sites, like TheDigitel, that link to information and allow a free flow of ideas through our Open Community of contributors and bloggers are in danger," said site found Ken Hawkins. "As such, we are proud to stand alongside Internet giants like Google, Facebook, and Reddit, among thousand of others, and with more than one million citizens who have contacted their elected representatives."

Established in 2008, TheDigitel is a modern take on journalism that blends traditional reporting with crowdsourced web curation under the supervision of trained editors. The expanding chain of hyperlocal website allows for direct community contribution and a way to more efficiently create news content under the specter of receding advertising dollars for the media industry.