Hyperlocal done right: Press on TheDigitel community news site

A collection of stories about our innovative hyperlocal media family of site, TheDigitel.com

What is TheDigitel? As an unconventional local media portal, we often receive inquires as to just what we -- and our aims -- are. In a nutshell our aim is: To not re-report, but to act as concierge, connecting folks to the best in local coverage -- and add some of our own coverage along the way where others have yet to step up to the plate. Want to know more? Head here.

Street Fight: Hyperlocal Case Study: Efficiency, Aggregation, and Profit (June 2011)

TheDigitel Beaufort: Nine months of growth: A look back since launch (January 2011)

Go Hyperlocal: Examples of Great Hyperlocal Sites (October 2010)

The New York Times: An Ad Engine to Put ‘Mad Men’ Out of Business (May 2010)

PBS Media Shift: 5 Tools to Help Automate Local Advertising. (December 2009)

The SPJ Network: New news sites to learn from. (December 2009)

TheDigitel: We really made the news this time. Oh, and we're expanding to another city. (November 2009)

PBS Media Shift: TheDigitel.com Brings Human Context to Local News Aggregation (November 2009)

TechJournal South: Charleston hyperlocal news site The Digitel lands investment, expanding (October 2009)

Live 5 News: Entrepreneurship, tech savvy create the Digitel, an online news source in Charleston (September 2009)

TheDigitel: TheDigitel launches new print edition, TheDigitel.print (April 2009)

NBC News 2, National CNN: Out of work? Make it work for you and possibly do better than your former employer (February 2009)

There's plenty of great local content out there, but it's ever harder to find -- TheDigitel is the only place to get linked to the best stories and events.