Nine months of growth: A look back since launch at TheDigitel Beaufort

Our flagship hyperlocal news site, TheDigitel, expanded from Charleston to Beaufort nine months ago and the growth has been explosive.

Here's what the staff had to say in retrospect

  • We've had nine straight months of reader growth.
  • Since launch we've served up 43,000 copies of the site —28% of those were in the last 30 days.
  • We have a loyal audience: Six-in-10 of those that come on the site are regular readers.
  • The average income of our readers is in the $60,000-$100,000+ range.
  • 56% of our readers are female.
  • Most of our readers are above 35 years of age, but we draw a younger audience than other local websites.
  • Our month-over-month readership growth continues to accelerate. In the last 30 days we had 6,300 readers on the site, up some 40% from the 30 days before.
  • Our advertiser interest continues to grow.  We have yet to bring on a dedicated sales person but are please to see active inquiries and follow through from local business supporters. 
  • We've had a fantastic time covering Beaufort and getting to better know the locals and their diverse interests. 

Thanks for coming, thanks for subscribing, and thanks for spreading the word and giving us feedback. We're looking forward to continuing to grow our services in the next nine months.