Robust and flexible websites powered by Drupal that won't break your budget

Problem: Companies looking for a high degree of Web engagement that allows for fluid creation and delivery of content, user-interaction, and plenty of flexibility.

Solution: Drupal's content management system and open source platform is a great fit.

Many notable organizations that use Drupal are Harvard, MIT, Sony Music, Warner brothers Records, and even government agencies like the White House also use Drupal's speed and power to help represent their organization on the web. Drupal has also proved a great fit news publications like The New York Observer, Economist and Popular Science are other notable publications that utilize Drupal. And we even leverage it for our flagship site, TheDigitel, running many hyperlocal news sites on one code base. 

Drupal also allows for a myriad of features to be added easily to any website, including private user areas, private messaging, newsletters, data exporting, e-commerce, member directories, and much much more.

With Drupal's extensive options and flexibility, Giant Hawk's knowledgeable team is able to focus and efficiently build a site that can reach thousands of users.  We utilize the best of Drupal to bring the largest web presence possible for each of our client's needs. 

And what's even better with Giant Hawk, you get all the bang for your buck without all the extra fees, overhead, and set up. Our largest projects can cost between $4 - 5,000 with many running far less than that — includin e-commerce solutions. We can also include services such as social media management, photography, copy writing, marketing and more as a part of the package, if needed.

We're packing all the heat of Drupal for half the cost of other solutions.

So if you or your organization is thinking about getting a larger web presence, take a look at some of our favorite projects:

- is a flagship news publication website that features private user areas, fully automated newsletters, member directories, private user messaging, and the ability to allow user content contributions.

- Industry West is a website for a small furniture manufacturer based out of Beaufort, SC.  It's features ecommerce, and high amounts of content.

- Fuse843 is a collaborative social site designed to connect and fuel the creative class on South Carolina's coast.

- Lowcountry Dog is a regional publication with forums, e-commerce, event calendars, and business directories.

- For the Save Our Gulf project we used Drupal to build a robust, flexible donation and information hub in fewer than 48 hours.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch now.