Web development for creatives

Being creatives, Giant Hawk Media's team can appreciate the big ideas, unique designs, and individuality of our clients.

With that knowledge we excel at bringing flexibility and user interaction to each client's specific needs in a way that helps bring message before technology.

That creative thinking is especially helpful when developing web design for other creatives. Artists and publications have a very specific and individual message they want to send - and we understand that wholeheartedly. We recently created a very unique design for a very unique company - Joseph Thompson Woodworks.

Joseph Thompson is a furniture maker and designer, specializing in custom made wooden furniture, kitchen utensils, children's toys, and much more.

Thompson was in desperate need of having a strong online web presence that his clients could use to reference his skills and previous works. Thompson's work is contemporary, and each of his pieces shine very brightly on their own. We worked with Thompson and realized the need for a website that would highlight his artistic talents, maintain a focus on his work and not distract viewers with loads of content or too complex of a design.

We also worked with photographer Chrys Rynearson to snap a few dynamic photos of Thompson's work to use as the foundation for the site. Our team them drafted content according to the needs of the client, and some other special features, and this beauty was the final product: http://jwtwoodworks.com

The project went very smoothly, being an artist himself, Thompson allowed for a lot of creative freedom as far as design development. Thompson has even returned to Giant Hawk Media to have additional features added to his site by the team.

The mutual understanding that exists between two creatives created a great producer/client relationship, and we were pleased to realize another one of our strengths - our ability toproduce a great web presence for other creatives.