Pack of 1,000 Ad Credits on family of sites

Use these to renew or start your advertising campaign on family of hyperlocal news sites.

Each credit gets you one impression of our standard ad sizes:

  • The 180 pixel by 150 pixel: Found on the front page and in the heart of articles.
  • The 300 pixel by 250 pixel: This spot gives you more space to display your message than the 180x150.
  • The 980 pixel by 280 pixel: Big and bold, this spot has plenty of space to display a message for readers to see as they’re interacting with comments, posting stories, or just browsing the site.
  • The 125 pixel by 125 pixel: Small spots that appear in groups on all pages of the site.
  • The 780 pixel by 90 pixel: Long and lean, this horizontal spot appears on the homepage and at the top of article pages.
  • The Tower 300 pixel by 480 pixel: One size to fit both the site and the TVs.

After purchasing, contact our sales staff to use your credits.

Price: $10.00