Saving the Gulf from concept to finish in 48 hours:

Late Monday afternoon, Cryrus Buffum of the Waterkeeper Alliance reached out to us with a pressing need: Get a fundraising site live for the Gulf Coast disaster live fast. All while making it look great and be scalable.

Well, fewer than 48 hours later is online and ready to raise funds. The site offers an impressive front-page presence while being easily editable and configurable by the Waterkeeper Alliance. We implemented the Drupal content management system for a permissions-based system that allows certain users to configure all or only potions of the site.

(1) A menu bar allows quick access to creating new content and managing the site, (2) while quick links appear for users as they mouse over areas of the site that they can edit. It's an intuitive system that allows for no-fuss editing and management.

We also kept an eye on setting up the system to grow as the disaster persists. The roadmap for the site allows reader and Waterkeeper reports from the field that have rich media and geo-tagged locations input with longitude and latitude or simply by clicking on a map. Users and visitors can also subscribe to periodic e-mail updates that can have custom content, or be automatically generated and sent on a regular schedule. Additionally, the site is ready to serve as a nerve center for the Waterkeeper Alliance's efforts by its ability to alert team members to high priority event updates. The site is a perfect solution for the client that wanted a visually compelling, simple-to-use, and feature rich site -- all in fewer than 48 hours.